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irvine Homestay

We invite you to the best environment, Irvine Home

City of Irvine

Approval Registration

Welcome to Irvine

A safe and livable city. As a mother, safety and education are the most sensitive aspects.

We invite you to the best environment, Irvine home.

irvine Homestay

We help children find their talents and guide them through suitable programs. Through professional counseling, we help them set clear goals and support them until they reach university level. We provide a nurturing homestay in the best educational environment.

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Irvine Nothwood House

Irvine Nothwood House

Our Rock Jori house is spacious and clean, where we have lived for 45 years. Our children have grown up in Irvine, and now it's only the two of us, so it's a quiet and clean house.


Through years of experience in the United States over the past 40 years, we have found the most important program and successfully admitted students to top universities. We also assist in scholarship and FAFSA applications to provide economic assistance to families and ensure successful college life.

Our homestay is registered and approved by the City of Irvine for over 15 years as Irvine Schooling & Irvine Homestay.


We have successfully admitted many students to prestigious universities in the United States. With a loving heart that values the future of each child, we strive to cultivate their identity and dreams in a good environment for healthy growth.

Admission to reputable public and private schools in Irvine, the top education city in the United States

Through specialized counseling, we help early study abroad students overcome initial difficulties and set clear goals. We also provide extra curricular activities and/or internships after school according to each student's interest and career path. Additionally, we assist students in preparing for the SAT and SSAT exams required for university admissions, as well as manage their academic performance in various subjects to maintain a top-ranking level.

irvine Homestay

Schooling Camp


Talented Education

You can come with your family, and we will help you register for various types of programs tailored to each child.

irvine Homestay

Caregiving for managing study abroad life

1:1 Program

After-school schedules are coordinated and checked for regular classes (school grades) to prepare for admission to target schools.


Academic management for fostering global talents

College Counseling

Through specialized counseling, we help early study abroad students overcome initial difficulties and set clear goals.

Chino Hills House

Living in an English-speaking homestay in a countryside neighborhood
away from the bustling city area, I provide homestay services.

I have a major in Education from a prestigious university in the United States and I live my life primarily in English. Currently, I work as a counselor and career advisor, assisting students preparing for college admissions in the education field.

Are there any students who are struggling with English in their school life?
Are there any students who are having difficulty adjusting to school life?
Are there any students who are finding it tough nearing graduation?


If you can live in a homestay like a family,
you will gain dreams and vision. You will witness the transformation of students. Though it is a suburban area away from the city, it is a quiet countryside neighborhood in Chino Hills City. There is a golf course in the neighborhood, and there are many walking courses in the beautiful surrounding environment where you can feel relaxed. It is a mansion on the hill where you can live comfortably. Although it is a school away from the city, the school district ranks highly. It is a management-type English-speaking homestay. 

Managed Homestay Program for Study Abroad

Irvine Homestay

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irvine Homestay

Irvine Homestay



irvine Homestay
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